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Our Story

The American Muslim Institute (AMI) is a community of Muslims in Omaha, Nebraska, working to build a Masjid (place of worship) and Islamic cultural center that will promote study and research focusing on the history of the remarkable Islamic civilization and the rich cultural diversity of the Muslim population of the modern world.

We are a local and autonomous non-profit organization with members who are passionately committed to our mission, vision and core values. The American Muslim Institute is non-denominational and strives for diversity. The Masjid will be open to all Muslims regardless of gender, race, creed or national origin for prayer and religious service, and men and women will have equal opportunities to participate in all activities of the organization and may hold office at any level of leadership.

AMI will have a unique and powerful impact on our local Muslim community. The Institute will offer Friday prayers and other religious activities; a monthly lecture series; a yearly conference; a school and extracurricular programs for Muslim youth; leadership development programs; coordination with local universities to develop curricula; endowment of chair positions at local universities; and research regarding Muslim belief systems, health practices and interfaith outcomes.

The Institute will also promote intercultural exchange between various members of the community and promote a sense of unity overriding cultural, linguistic and geographic differences. Members of other faiths will be welcome visitors.

AMI is a founding member of Tri-Faith Initiative of Omaha, a globally unique project that deliberately co-locates a synagogue, church and mosque with a common desire to foster mutual understanding, respect and friendship. We look forward to an enduring partnership with our brothers and sisters of the Abrahamic faiths.

Our Vision

Grounded in faith and belief of Islamic traditions, we will create an institution that will affirm the core values of Islam: Acceptance, Compassion, Equality, Justice and Peace.

Our Mission

To promote a better understanding of Islam in the Western world.

Our Core Values

  • Our ideas and convictions are born of the core values of Islam.

  • We encourage and promote research and scholarship of Muslim history, theology and traditions.

  • We promote unity among all Muslims regardless of their race, language, country of origin, or interpretation and performance of our religious traditions and rites.

  • We share a common bond with our brothers and sisters of the other Abrahamic faiths and pledge to create mutual respect and understanding.

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