Taraweeh Program at AMI

  • Isha 1st 15 days at 9:30PM followed by Taraweeh (20 rakats).

  • Isha last 15 days at 10:00PM followed by Taraweeh (20 rakats).

  • Taraweeh Khaterah or Quran Tajwid (10-15mins) after 10 rakats.

  • The AMI has reserved the Gym with the direct prayer feed for mothers with young kids.

  • Isha & Taraweeh will be broadcasted on our Facebook Page.

  • AMI will not be providing babysitting during Isha & Tarweeh's prayers.

This is a special month, and we are trying to make all the accommodations to help everyone enjoy the Taraweeh prayer and the Quran recitation during the holy month.

If you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to reach out.

  • Zakat Ulfitr is $15 per person. Pay it early to distribute it to the needy. 

We are extremly exceited to announce that Tarweeh prayers will be led by Qari Imam Ahmed Elzaree at AMI for 20 rakats following Isha prayer.

Imsakya Ramadan 2022

Living Islam Project: AMI Youth Program

Ramadan Letter

As Ramadan approaches and we begin to encourage our children to fast, we must acknowledge that fasting during school can be challenging for our children. AMI has drafted an information letter addressing the needs and accommodations of Muslim students while at school. 


We encourage you to send this letter to your child’s school and teachers informing them of the upcoming fasting month and the ways in which the school can support a fasting student. We hope this letter is helpful in encouraging your child to be proud of fasting during Ramadan and not shy about asking for accommodations during lunch/PE and on Eid day inshallah. 


We wish you a blessed Ramadan full of spiritual growth and accomplishment for you and your child. 


The AMI High School Youth Program has launched Ramadan food baskets and appeal to the community for donations to provide food for 50-80 families in need this Ramadan.


Each box will include 80 oz Rice, 5 lb Flour, 1 gal Oil, Dates, Chickpeas, 10 lb sugar, Red lentils & Cookies for kids

Each food basket is valued $40


Please give generously the gift of food this Ramadan.

Ramadan Mubarak!

Imam Elzaree Quran Recitation

Young Muslims Iftar

Iftar Ramadan

AMI is pleased to invite your young child(ren) (Age: 8yrs to 14yrs) to attend our Iftar night at AMI. Registration is required.


Date: Friday, April 22nd

Time: 8:00PM -10:30PM


Food will be catered from Canes Chicken, individually wrapped.

Iftar for young Muslims only.

Registration will be closed April 17th.


We will have cheese pizza for those who prefer non-meat meal. Please answer yes if you prefer this option for your child