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AMI Announces New President

Omaha, NE (December 26, 2020) – ​After more than a decade of leadership as President of the American Muslim Institute (AMI), Dr. Syed Mohiuddin announced his plan to transition from his current role as the President. Dr. Mohiuddin will remain and continue to serve on the AMI board of directors, as well as continue his role on the Tri-Faith Initiative board. The American Muslim Institute board elected Vice President Karim Khayati to serve as the next President of the AMI.

“It has been an honor and privilege to serve the AMI them and our partners in multifaith, social justice communities, and I am excited to open that opportunity to next group leaders.” says Dr. Mohiuddin.

During his tenure, Dr. Mohiuddin co-founded AMI, formerly the American Institute of Islamic Studies and Culture, to be a premier Islamic center in the Omaha area. With a vision grounded in the Islamic faith, belief, and traditions, he led the creation of this institution that continues to affirm the core values of Islam principles of Acceptance, Compassion, Equality, Justice, and Peace.

“Dr. Mohiuddin is one of a kind. His disciplined approach was instrumental in the establishment of the American Muslim Institute that is grounded in American pride and welcoming to Muslims from around the world,” shares new AMI President and Tri-Faith board representative, Karim Khayati.


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