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Restore link to divine law

Our link with divine law has been broken. We utter the wisdom of the prophets and sages without putting it into action.

Some people consider themselves superior to the rest of humankind. They believe this gives them the license to commit atrocities such as rape, enforced migration of peoples from their homeland and persecution to the point of genocide in the name of ethnic cleansing. Thus, in the struggle for material dominance, man has adopted a new set of values that have spread in the form of aggression, terrorism and organized crime, which controls arms, sex and drugs. Is this the New World Order with its global justice that humanity aspires for?

To rescue the ship of humanity, we must to turn to heavenly laws that have no bias towards anyone. We must also liberate man from ignorance and immorality. Such noble values require complete and total dedication, self-sacrifice, and coordinated willing efforts for the good of all people.

There is no peace so long as there is the oppressor and the oppressed, the over-fed and the hungry. We must return to the essence of religious values, which were perfected by the teachings of Muhammad who described himself in the following words: “The likeness of me and the Prophets before me is that of a building which they completed except for the last stone, and I am that last stone.”

It is the values adopted by a man of reason, knowledge, wisdom and the purification of the soul that instills in him the love for all people, a love so comprehensive and sincere that he prefers his fellow being over himself. As Muhammad, in concert with all the Prophets, says: “None of you is a believer until he loves for his brother and sister that which he loves for himself.”

Imam Mohamad Jamal Daoudi

Originally published on Sunday, Oct 31st in the Omaha World-Herald

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