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Fanciest mosque I’ve ever been to! People are warm and nice too!

Haris Kamil

قل ربي زدني علما

O’ My Lord Advance My Knowledge

Eid Mubarak!

AMI Board and staff are wishing you all a very happy Eid.


Takbeer: 8:30am

Prayer: 9:00am Sharp 

Parking lot: AMI & Countryside Community Church 


We will pray outside inshallah, please bring your own rug. Temperature will be around 50 degree, plan accordingly and please wear an extra layer.


The  gym area will be available in case the outdoor area is full.

Special Statements

AMI Statement

إنا لله وإنا إليه راجعون


It is with a heavy heart that we reflect on the immense loss of Dr. Syed Mohiuddin: a teacher, healer, coach, physician, parent, husband, grandparent and cherished community leader. Dr. Mohiuddin's passing leaves a profound void in our hearts and community.


Dr. Mohiuddin was not just a philanthropist; he was a leader who dedicated himself to bringing together the three Abrahamic faiths. His commitment to fostering understanding, dialogue, and unity among our communities has had a lasting impact on our lives and will do so to the broader world.


The American Muslim Institute (AMI) stands as a living testament to Dr. Mohiuddin dream of creating an Institute where ALL Muslims feel they belong. The Tri-Faith affiliation allows Muslims and non-Muslims to create stronger bonds between the Abrahamic Faiths through understanding, co-existence and respect to each person’s belief system. He remained steadfast in his belief that dialogue and cooperation could overcome division. Something that resonates even louder today.


May we find solace in the memories of Dr. Mohiuddin’s impactful contributions and the positive change he brought to our community. May his legacy continue for generations to come by carrying the torch of unity, understanding, and compassion.


Our thoughts and prayers are with his family, friends, and all those who have been touched by his life. May his soul rest in peace, may he be granted Jannat al firdaws (highest point in paradise) and may his vision continue to guide and inspire us.


O’ Allah shower Dr Mohiuddin with mercy and forgiveness and grant him paradise and give us patience.

Al Salam Alaykom AMI members, families, and community, 


On November 10th, the AMI hosted “A Night to Support Palestine”. The community came together in solidarity and prayer for the Palestinian people. The AMI launched a fundraiser, and with Allah’s blessings, we raised $42,096, which we donated to the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund. The community raised $37,096, and as promised, the AMI board $5000—Jazakom Allah Khayran for all those who donated and contributed to making this a successful event. 


May this donation reach the impacted people in Gaza and alleviate some of their suffering. May it have Baraka and reach more people than we could hope for. May God reward all those who donated and contributed to this cause. 


We continue to pray for Palestine, for a ceasefire, and all those suffering all around the world. Ameen.

The American Muslim Institute abhors the genocide of Palestinians that we and the world are witnessing in Gaza and the raids in the West Bank by the Israeli army.  Collective punishment in the form of genocide on civilians is not self defense.  We call on President Biden and the state of Nebraska Congressional delegation to force a ceasefire and to end this before thousands more Palestinians are wantonly killed.

Upcoming Events

Friday Service

Our Friday service starts at 1:30PM all year-round.

For AMI Iqamah time, please visit the Iqamah Schedule page.

AMI Programs 

Family Support Group

If you have a loved one with a complex health issue, this group is for you! Here, we are a safe zone to share and learn from each other about resources available to us!

Youth Program

Your kids & teens are all welcome to join us for our highly-rated youth program. We pray together, eat together, learn together,
serve together and of course, we have a lot of fun. Contact us for more information!

ESL Classes

The program is led by:
Mrs. Lubna Hussein,
in Teaching Language & TESOL Certificate.

Sundays 2pm - 3pm

Suggested Donation: $20/month

Qualified & dedicated teachers
& volunteers help facilitate the program
working 1:1 with students.

ESL Handbook


For more information, email

Al Salam Alaykom: May Peace and Blessings be with You!

Welcome to The American Muslim Institute (AMI) in Omaha, Nebraska! 


AMI is an Islamic cultural center that provides Islamic education, unity, and support to our local diverse Muslim population and our greater community in Omaha. Whether you are a visitor curious about Islam, a new convert seeking guidance, or a lifelong Muslim looking to deepen your faith, AMI welcomes you!


Find out more about our programs by browsing through our website, following us on our social media platforms below or filling out our contact form. 


Our AMI values are:

Acceptance, Compassion, Understanding, Equity, Justice, and Peace. 


Your presence enriches our community!

To be announced

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